The Importance of Stamina. How to stay strong from the start of building your business.

Recently awarded Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs to watch by The Telegraph and Natwast, our co-founder and Managing Director Kierra Campbell talks us through her journey so far and shares her top three tips to help you navigate your own goals

"And now, to look back and be able to say, we had 4 consecutive years of growth despite no cash injection, team or spend on marketing.  Pinch me please!" 

The importance of Stamina

Any new venture requires stamina and our ability to maintain it regardless of what we are facing is something we’re proud of.  Actually, what we’ve found is focusing our energy on maintaining stamina, vs our ‘fight or flight’ response, helps us to make better decisions. 

Belief in your vision is paramount also. When we launched the brand, we had no idea of its potential. What we did know is that how we wanted our homes to look and feel wasn’t easy to create. There was no ‘one-stop shop’ for quality retro-inspired pieces and so we knew there was a customer…it was us! Print obsessed individuals who prefer to style alongside vintage finds and buy into products that have a story.

Plus, let’s not forget an injection of fun

Whinnie, Kierra and Brian the toy poodle in the early days of Poodle & Blonde (Featuring Tottenham Dalmatian Wallpaper in Cocoa)

Whinnie, Kierra and Brian the Toy Poodle from the early days of Poodle & Blonde. Products featured (Tottenham Dalmatian Wallpaper in Cocoa)

As someone who loves to dabble in a spreadsheet, as much as the launch of Poodle and Blonde came from a place of passion, it was orchestrated through research and know-how. With a baby due just a week after, there was no time for mistakes. For it to be something of substance, I knew it had to be done well. What is it teachers always tell us? Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you don’t believe that, keep on reading…

The first few years were as scary as they were exhilarating.  Unable to pay ourselves whilst feeling on top of the world! Using every penny the business made to do more, do better and think smarter.

And now, to look back and be able to say, we had 4 consecutive years of growth despite no cash injection, team or spend on marketing.  Pinch me please! 

Kierra and Whinnie BTS
Behind the scenes with Kierra and Whinnie on a photoshoot in their matching white jumpsuits. Products featured, Saguaro Saturn wallpaper in Denim

While there were certainly times of burn out, our commitment to keep pushing has meant that we’ve always made room to learn and to plan. Here are my top three tips to help you get mentally prepared and maintain stamina, regardless of what goal you are working towards:

  1. Remain curious. The unknown is the most intriguing part. Thoughts such as would it work? Could it work? Just imagine if it worked?! If the questions stop, so does the drive to continue. 
  2. Connect with like-minded people. Since launching, bonding with our customers and making industry friends has been more motivating than I'm sure they are aware of. We are naturally tunnel-visioned with our goals, an outside perspective can transform into the best kind of fuel. 
  3. Reflect. Looking back before stepping forward is a great way to reduce your chance of a slip. Look at performance and make decisions that aren’t solely from a place of passion. 

Our next goal is to become the go-to retro inspired interiors brand. After connecting with our audience and reflecting on our performance so far, our curiosity has led us to think bigger. We know that with your continued support we can build something great.


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