Tucson Lullaby in Rootmaster - Wallpaper




Tuscon Lullaby in Rootmaster features as part of our Limited Edition collection London is the Place For Me, designed in collaboration with Africa, founder behind The Vitamin D Project.

Design Repeat: 5.1cm

Print Match: Straight Match 

London is the Place For Me is an ode to Africa's grandparents and all those of the Windrush generation

Reminiscent of the patterned fabrics found on British transport, Rootmaster reimagines Tuscon Lullaby to feature Africa's signature colours of browns, greens, creams and retro reds.


"I’m a sucker for a bold, busy print and have had the idea for this design brewing for a few years now. Tucson Rootmaster is a blend of retro moquette fabric and my signature colours. One of my grandads used to be a bus driver in West Yorkshire and he’d share stories with me of white passengers putting gloves on before handing over their bus-fare to him. This print is for my grandad. It was important to me that the rich textures of the print came through and I think we’ve achieved this perfectly. Such a bold design is perfect for feature walls in enclosed spaces, such as our nursery. It also makes the perfect backdrop behind shelves and cabinets and we’ve styled ours for our glassware shelf in the kitchen" - Africa

All Poodle and Blonde wallpaper in 52cm in width and 10m in length

Delivery Time: 4-6 weeks

Enjoy sustainability and quality with our made-to-order FSC certified wallpaper. Featuring original designs, our paper is sourced from sustainable forests and printed in the UK by our trusted manufacturer using HP's advanced eco printing inks. With a commitment to minimising waste, we hold no stock and instead print rolls per order, ensuring that every roll is made with purpose. Plus, we use 95% recycled and biodegradable materials in our wallpaper packaging

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