Introducing Bella Tiarks - Our Head of Trade

With a career spanning over 10 years, Bella's experience is designing high end homes in prime central London, as well as in luxury interior brands. She now works closely with our trade clients on their residential and commercial projects.

Here we get a sneak peek into the trade department….

"There seems to be a 'hard to access' space between classic and contemporary. Good designers have always blended old with new, but now it's particularly interesting to see an exploration of genres. This is brought on by the fast pace at which we consume design and the desire to not be so serious."

Bella at her Tunbridge Wells home with Skon, her beloved Whippet x Italian Greyhound

Q, Poodle and Blonde: We are so excited to have you heading our trade business can you share a bit about your career journey so far?

A, Of course. My career began assisting in one of Knightsbridge’s most renowned Interior Design studios. I continued to work within property and interior design for many years after this, eventually taking space to manage my own interior design projects. Having worked on the buying side of the trade supplier world for many years, I then moved into luxury trade sales.

Poodle and Blonde have had some incredible trade coverage, I will now be nurturing our design professional orders and relationships. Supporting the B2B customer with their enticing project

Q, Poodle and Blonde: Let's talk P&B, we know you're a big fan of our designs, as someone who has purchased for interior projects we're interested to know, what do you love most about our collections?

A, Poodle and Blonde’s whimsical, yet punchy attitude and imbuement of past trends immediately sparked my attention. There seems to be a ‘hard to access’ space between classic and contemporary. Good designers have always blended old and new, but it’s cool to now see an exploration of all the genres.

I believe this is brought on by the fast pace of the industry and the desire to not be too serious. All design plays a homage to the past, so doing retro fearlessly is an inspiration.

Products featured: Tucson Lullaby wallpaper in Rootmaster as part of London is The Place For Me

Q, Poodle and Blonde: Our trade customers are big fans of our wallpaper and fabrics, tell us a bit about your favourites?

A, The Cliftonville Cowgirls Rattlesnake pattern is alive, kind of strobby. There is a place in even the most conservative homes to add a wallpaper that indulges the imagination, the way Cliftonville does. 

A ticking fabric is about the colours as well as the negative space between them and the Nanny Stripe is a quality take on this. The poppy colourway is a confident nod to the classic stipe so stands out to me.

The Tucson Lullaby in Rootmaster is a structured pattern with colours that hold a great depth and density – I just love it for walls.

Q, Poodle and Blonde: You have some big plans for trade at Poodle and Blonde, the feedback has been great so well done! What can our trade customers look forward to?

A, Our trade clients are typically residential or commercial interior designers, hotels, set designers, stylists, decorators and upholsterers. I'm focused on personalising our professional clients' experience using product knowledge and a seamless process. The vision to installation journey is difficult, particularly when one is coordinating multiple complex projects –I want to enhance this positively. Think of ourselves as an extension of your team.

Q, Poodle and Blonde: Thank you so much for talking with us. To finish, do you have any words of advice for those wanting to break into the luxury interiors industry?

A, Invest in your technical skillset. It is awesome that there are so many fantastic brands and designers who are not necessarily traditionally trained, however being able to do technical drawings or hand sketches will never not elevate your ideas. Everyone imagines and interprets things differently so use the great design tools we have at our disposal! Also, we are all a bit stuck online, visit showrooms and interior shows.

Bella at the Poodle and Blonde head office

To find out how Bella and the team can support you with your interiors enquiries contact if you are an existing customer or apply using our short form here

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