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In the world of luxury interiors, the pursuit of creating a space that is both opulent and calming has led to the development of various original designs inspired by nature. One element that has gained prominence is botanicals, and for us, specifically the use of bamboo motifs. In this blog, we delve into the world of Bamboo Botanicals and how they can elevate the aesthetic of your space, discover some of our best-selling designs, all inspired by Bamboo

"Luxury interiors are often associated with a sense of tranquility and escape. Our range of Bamboo inspired designs create spaces that serve as tranquil retreats from the outside world" 

Products Featured: Bamboo wallpaper in colour Umber 

The timeless feel of Bamboo:

Bamboo has been a symbol of strength and beauty in various cultures for centuries. Its slender stalks, vibrant greenery, and gentle swaying in the breeze make it an ideal botanical alternative for luxury interior design. The use of bamboo-inspired patterns not only adds a touch of nature to indoor spaces but also creates a timeless feel that resonates with both traditional and contemporary design styles.


Money Tree: A design that tells a story

Like all of our designs, our Bamboo Botanical wallpapers are not just a feast for the eyes, they are a canvas for storytelling. One original option is our Money Tree design, inspired by the whimsical tale of Grandfather Wyndham who used to trick his grandchildren into believing that money indeed grew on trees. In this design, rows of evergreen bamboo branches elegantly feature dangling golden coins, offering a new-school interpretation of bringing the outdoors in. The Money Tree, like all Bamboo Botanicals, beautifully weaves narratives into the fabric of interior spaces.

Products Featured: Money Tree wallpaper in colour Valentine 

Bamboo: Does what it says on the tin but with our contemporary twist

For those looking to infuse their interiors with the relaxing vibes of Bamboo Botanicals, we are your go-to destination. Launched as part of our Members Club collection this design appropriately names Bamboo, is a standout unique option offering a new and modern alternative to traditional botanical designs. Meticulously crafted by hand-drawing tiny individual squares, this bamboo-inspired pattern adds a contemporary touch to interior decor, skillfully bringing the outdoors inside.

Products Featured: Bamboo velvet in colour Sepia 

Tea Room: It's all in the detail!

Drawing inspiration from The Long Room of the Brighton Royal Pavilion, the Tea Room design features a captivating geo-esque design. Oval shapes of knotted aged bamboo, inspired by the Pavilion's intricate aesthetics, create a visually striking pattern that is extremely satisfying to stare at. Our Tea Room design within this collection is a testament to our aim to provide beautiful designs created with complete attention to detail. This particular design which was originally hand-painted onto fine silk moire adds lustrous dimension to the overall aesthetic.

Products Featured: Tea Room wallpaper in colour Lagoon

Bamboo Botanicals not only bring the allure of nature into luxury interiors but also pay homage to historical influences, making each piece a unique and artful addition to any space.

To Conclude:

The use of Bamboo Botanicals has emerged as a transformative trend, offering a perfect marriage of nature's beauty and opulent design. Our range of Bamboo Botanicals collection perfectly captures this trend, and showcases our dedication to creating spaces that are not just visually appealing but also truly enriching. Whether through wallpapers or furnishings, the use of bamboo in luxury interiors is a testament to the enduring charm of botanical design. Explore more of our retro inspired designs and transform your living spaces into timeless havens of beauty and elegance

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