Sustainable Pet Perfection: A Must-Have for Pet-Friendly Homes

If you have an equal passion for animals and interiors, then you've found your perfect fit. Here our CEO and miniature poodle Brian tests out and talks us through our best-selling and eco friendly range of luxury pet beds. 

"They deserve a comfortable place to rest their heads, while you deserve a home that radiates style and elegance..."

Products featured Tucson Lullaby pet bed in Motel.

Our homes are our sanctuaries, many filled with beloved four-legged companions who bring joy and fun into our lives. From the playful woofs of our canine friends to the mischievous antics of our feline explorers, our furry family members are here to stay. Just like us, they deserve a comfortable place to rest their heads, while you deserve a home that radiates style and elegance. That's why our collection of stylish and sustainable eco-friendly pet beds is a win-win solution for both you and your furry friends

Products featured Tottenham Dalmatian pet bed in Cocoa.

"The Tottenham Dalmatian Bed for Fun-Loving Minimalists"

Searching for a pet bed that adds a playful touch without overwhelming your decor? Look no further than our popular Tottenham Dalmatian bed, featuring a paint stroke design inspired by the Dalmatian pattern. This monochromatic option is the perfect choice for understated fun

Products featured Lonesome George pet bed in Walnut.

"Lonesome George Bed for Abstract Elegance"

 With its abstract design, the Lonesome George bed seamlessly integrates into any interior style. Whether your decor leans towards contemporary, Scandinavian, or even traditional, this versatile piece effortlessly complements your existing aesthetic. Say goodbye to bold and bright patterns and hello to a chic and refined vibe

Products featured Chain of Fools pet bed in Jade.

"Chain of Fools for Midcentury Charm"

Indulge in the nostalgia of retro prints with our Chain of Fools pet bed, a perfect choice for those seeking a sophisticated and sleek look. The bed's geometric shapes and earthly tones effortlessly capture the essence of midcentury charm, adding a touch of retro chic to your pet's resting spot.

Products featured Tucson Lullaby pet bed in Motel.

"Tucson Lullaby for Warm Simplicity"

For the perfect balance of warmth and simplicity go for our best-selling Tuscon Lullaby pet bed. Guaranteed to elevate your space, this bed showcases a perfect blend of understated design and cozy charm.


Products featured Money Tree pet bed in Bamboo.

"Money Tree for a Botanical Haven"

NEW IN: You asked and we listened. Transform your pet's resting space into a botanical oasis, where nature's tranquility and your pet's comfort harmoniously coexist. Embrace the beauty of this original retro design creating a serene and rejuvenating environment.

To find out more about our eco pet beds visit the product pages for information on care instructions, delivery times and more. Shop the full collection here

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