The New Alternative - Eco Velvet

Our journey since the launch in 2018 has been nothing short of incredible. The words and ideas scribbled on lined notebooks in those very early days still hold true: Fun, Retro, and Sustainable. Today in celebration of World Ocean Day, they resonate even more as we proudly introduce our new Eco Velvet, marking a milestone in our ongoing commitment to responsible manufacturing and future-proof products #futurevintage

"This is sustainability without compromising on quality or style." 


Why Eco Velvet?

Through collaboration with EU suppliers and UK print mills, we have been eager to introduce an eco-friendly alternative that perfectly mimics the look and feel of our beloved cotton velvet.

Crafted using 100% recycled plastics sourced through REPREVE, this fabric not only helps keep our oceans clean but also offers amazing features. Our Eco Velvet is crease resistant, anti-allergen, and machine washable, ensuring both convenience and comfort. For those seeking a beautifully sustainable lifestyle, our super soft eco velvet is an absolute must-have

The goodness doesn't stop there! To align with our commitment to eco-consciousness, we carefully selected a print mill that uses eco-friendly inks. Rest assured that all our Eco Velvet is printed using safe inks that are Oketex 100, class 1 Certified, and GOTS 6.0 certified. With every aspect carefully considered, our eco velvet truly encompasses the goodness of sustainability.

Plus - The good news just keeps coming because our Eco Velvet offers significantly improved Made to Order delivery times of just 7 working days. Order a sample and enjoy the luxuriousness of our Eco Velvet while making a positive impact on the environment. This is sustainability without compromising on quality or style. 


Sustainability Doesn't Stop

As we continue to grow, we constantly strive for improvement and explore new avenues for positive change. The introduction of Eco Velvet is just the beginning of exciting things to come. As lovers of vintage pieces and the stories they embody, our mission extends beyond creating beautiful items. We aim to produce high-quality products that can withstand the test of time, becoming future-vintage treasures for generations to come. Eco velvet plays a crucial role in supporting this vision, watch this space as our Eco Filled cushions, luxury Lighting and more join us as we continue putting our best eco foot forward.

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Photography by Sam Wiles

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