Money Tree in Harvey Vale - Wallpaper




Money Tree in Harvey Vale features as part of our Limited Edition collection London is the Place For Me, designed in collaboration with Africa, founder behind The Vitamin D Project.

Design Repeat: 36.4cm

Match Type: Straight Match

London is the Place For Me is an ode to Africa's grandparents and all those of the Windrush generation

Named after the village that Africa's Grandad Kennedy grew up in, Harvey Vale reimagines Money Tree to feature washed out and retro tones for warm and nostalgic styling


"The 60’s saw a rise in textured wallpapers, and the bamboo print was a staple in many working class and Caribbean homes. It may only be a subtle change but the linen overlay and subtle washed out effect is so striking to me as it gives the feeling of the type of wallpaper you might discover when peeling back the layers in an old home. Because it’s a style I want to see at every intersection of our home, we’ve chosen it to adorn all of the connecting corridors throughout our home. Harvey Vale is the village that my Grandad Kennedy grew up in. He went to school there, as did 3 of my siblings and his final resting place is there too." - Africa

    All Poodle and Blonde wallpaper in 52cm in width and 10m in length

    Delivery Time: 4-6 weeks

    Enjoy sustainability and quality with our made-to-order FSC certified wallpaper. Featuring original designs, our paper is sourced from sustainable forests and printed in the UK by our trusted manufacturer using HP's advanced eco printing inks. With a commitment to minimising waste, we hold no stock and instead print rolls per order, ensuring that every roll is made with purpose. Plus, we use 95% recycled and biodegradable materials in our wallpaper packaging

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